Go With Me to Scotland

Yesterday I met Mike's friend Kelly. She's pretty great. She blogs, writes things in a notebook, collects quotes, and has framed Frank Lloyd Wright drawings. I condone of Mike hanging out with this Kelly!

Speaking of Mike, go to the doctor, please?! I don't want to hear any of this maybe maybe maybe crap, just go!

Onto other things, I heard of a Scottish architect I needed to check out. I didn't recall his name, Ruben isn't here to ask, so I just started browsing for Scottish architects. I found a guy by the name of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. This guy is so right up my alley I'm surprised I'd never heard of him before! I recommend checking him out. I particularly like his glass panel for The Rose Boudoir. On his site, they have a Places to Visit section. I was just thinking to myself how cool it would be to go and do the Mackintosh Trail. When I go to London this summer, perhaps I'll just hop on up to Scotland (it's like right there!) and do this tour thing. It sounds amazing. The really cool thing about the website, is that they tell you how to get to the places, which buses to take, how long of a walk you have (up a steep hill even). This is the type of adventure I want to have! So on that note, go with me to Scotland, we'll have fun, or at least I will!

Well, perhaps I'll blog more later. According to Mike, I blog twice a day. I would have to disappoint him!

Word of the day:
Irish flu: A particularly unpleasant hangover.

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KELLY said...

Awww! That's sweet. Thanks!