I Might Punch You In the Head

I needed, or at least wanted to blog again. These days I have been living lately have been so weird. A lot of people are getting bad news, a lot of people are getting good news, and it's all very bizarre stuff! I have opinions on most of these things; but I won't share them because they will likely NOT have any positive impact, and I don't think people will want to hear my opinions. Besides, it's all too much to share right now in a blog. For those of you that are uncomfortable with the word "blog", replace that word with "journal" or "story"!

So for starters, my day is going okay, you know run of the mill sort of stuff. Amanda and I agree to go to lunch across the street from my building. She gets there and shows me a note the cops left on her door last night. Very odd note. Anyway, it has to do with a friend, that for privacy reasons I will call Jeanette. So Jeanette is having some problems, we'll leave it at that; and no one can find her. The cops finally got her to answer her phone. She is at least as far as we know, okay. She's not in any trouble, but she left a note with a dentist that alarmed everyone.

I walk Amanda part of the way back to her building to ask if there is anything I can do to help; en route, the conversation unfolds like this:

Amanda referring to my beloved mobile phone says "You know you're addicted?"
I respond, "To what, my phone?"
Then...CONK...right in my head with her fist as she shouts "Juneau!"

I mean seriously, who punches people in the head while shouting "Juneau!"? The answer to that is Amanda! You see, she has these made up games in her head that she doesn't tell anyone that she's playing; so out of nowhere you might get smacked or punched in the head while she shouts words out! She gave me the rules, here they are:

If you see a license plate for a state to which you know the capitol, you can shout it out and punch the other person in the arm; however, if the state is Alaska, you get to punch the other person in the head; if the state is Hawaii, you get to punch them in the face! The exceptions are the state you are in, or any state that touches the state you are in; for instance, if you are in Missouri, you can't shout out Springfield when you see an Illinois license plate!

Yea, so I'm not going to dwell there, if you don't get it, just be forewarned that I might punch you in the head one day for what appears to be no reason at all. If I would have known this game back in the day, while in Ireland of all places, I would have punched Eva in the face while shouting "Honolulu"!

Anyway, it gets more bizarre, we get to a corner where I go back my way and she continues on her way. Right in the middle of conversation she points behind me and says, "It's a giant rabbit". I look, there is nothing there. She says, "No it's there and giant". I still don't see it! "The plastic thing across the next street!" Oh, wait I see it! What the hell man!?! I'm far too confused to get more confused! She made me laugh anyway, so not all bad I suppose.

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