Just Pining

I walked to my desk, hit the button on my computer that makes him think, replenished my water and sat down for a busy day of organizing paper! As the morning usually goes, I skipped past the news and went straight for my blogs. It was here, on this day, March 26 of 2009 at 7:40AM that I saw my soul mate. You might be giggling to yourself thinking that I am having yet another delusional morning, but no, this is not the case. I really did see him in a YouTube video. Are you dying to see him too? Okay, well here he is, Matt Harding in his video "Where the Hell is Matt?".

Have you watched it yet? Did you see that he is both travelling and dancing? How awesome is that? Did you see the elephants?

I am in a better mood this morning, so I will write as quickly as my fingers can type so that I can get a couple of stories in and then quickly get to work on those stacks of paper that are just pining to be organized!

English Beat Tix...Kansas City radio station has tickets to this show. It is the only way to get tickets to this show. I e-mail the radio DJ who tells me that I can have tickets but that I must call the morning show on Wednesday morning to get them. I do this, and she tells me she changed her mind. Really?? I was in no mood yesterday to handle anything like that. I think she heard my heart drop because she apologized profusely and told me that it should be a KC thing, and we were St. Louisans! Really?? So long story short....I begged, literally begged for them; she made me say things like "I hate St. Louis radio" and "I hate Cornbread". Oddly enough, both statements are true! But then she tells me that I have to wear a scarlet letter the entire night. Really?? I don't even know what that means! Oh well, we'll see what happens between now and then!

Dub Kitchen...I work with an awesome girl named Jen R. here at my cult called HOK. She is in a dub reggae band called Dub Kitchen. I got to see her perform for the first time, and she totally rocks! Her voice is perfect for this style of music, and she was adorable on stage as well! I got to dance too! I've already briefly blogged about the event, so I won't dwell, but my complaints are about Missouri bars, smoking, and hippies. Ugh, hippies! I went to the show alone, but knew a couple of people there to hang out with, though, I did little hanging 'cept between bands. Fellow cult member Seth was one of these people. He told me that on very rare occasions, he goes to the Pub, yes, the one and only O'Connell's Pub! He likes the jukebox! So do I!

Okay, so seriously, I need to get to these papers. They are giving me some looks that say, "Touch me all over and shove me in that binder. Scan me baby, scan me!". I really can't deny them of their due treats!

A few other notes before I get to it; 1)How did I get this bruise on my arm?, 2) How many times do I say "I'm sorry" in a day?, 3)Am I allowed to say "stop asking me that or I WILL punch you in the face"?, 4)Elephants are cool, so are seals, 5)I really need to not drink alcohol, I am failing miserably at this task!

Word of the day(I so like this one):
cheeky monkey: Originally used to define someone who gives lots of lip and is a smart-ass, but now refers to anyone talking or behaving audaciously.

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