Pop-up Books

I woke up in a really good mood today. I laid down at about quarter to eight, and don't remember a thing until about the time my alarm was going off this morning. I was having a great dream so I just continued to smack the alarm for about an hour to keep him quiet so I could keep dreaming. I finally realized that I actually had to get out of bed at some point, but I'm glad I did.

I read a good blog today about books. One of those books was about pop-up porn! Now, I won't post that link because I feel that it is adult content, and I don't want any unnecessary eyes looking in, but if you want the link, e-mail me and I'll send it!

The subject of pop-up books made me recall a book I want. It is called the Pop-up Book of Phobias! Emily's roommate had this book, and I made a note that I wanted to get it, well gift it to a couple of people at least (can't say any names, it takes the surprise out). I'm glad I recalled this because it gave me the opportunity to get the link somewhere that I'll remember! You should check it out. It rocks!

What is awesome about having looked this book up is that I see the author also has a Pop-up Book of Nightmares! I wonder if he has a page for dead bodies, like most of my nightmares involve?

Well, I have to get some stuff done before Andrew comes in and finds me slacking! Ha, me slack, never! But before I go I want to thank Drew and Holly for agreeing on the meaning of "you were so cool you could have put out Vietnam". Thanks to Eva for catching the phrase's song which was in no way part of the challenge. Thanks to Janet for her blogs, they rock!

Word of the day:
Alabama chrome: Duct tape.

In Use: Dude, you need to fix your car; some Alabama chrome will fix you up right.

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