Pictures of Pie and Buildings

I'm back!!

I wanted to quickly share a couple of things with you. The first is a project I worked on called King Abdullah University of Science and Technology located off the Red Sea north of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Those of you that personally know me might recall the suffering and slight enjoyments I went through on this job; but in the end it feels great to see it. So, here are some photos! I worked on the big guys! Feel free to look at the KAUST website and look at additional stuff! [For those of you that I e-mailed these photos to, sorry to repeat, but I think this is really amazing, so I felt the need to tell more people!]

All images are copyright of KAUST

Next on my list of things to share with you, is Pi(e) Day. I've only mentioned it a few hundred times within the past week perhaps. I am therefore absolutely sure that you know what I am talking about. I did want to share a picture though, of my small group of people that I work with everyday. We're a fun group, albeit nerdy, but we like us! If you are wondering why our smiles look fake, well, that's because they are!!

[From left to right: Ruben, Andrew, Steph, Crystal, Jim, Yong, Steven, and Abdel]

HOK Blogger Rachel will be posting a blog about Pi Day tomorrow, on the actual Pi(e) Day! Look for it at hoklife.com!

I would also like to mention that young Miles John B. was born today! Rachel, Randy, and baby Miles are doing well! Happy Friday the 13th Birthday Miles!

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