It's You (ska version)

It's Thursday, the day before Friday. I'm rather excited about this because I can sleep this weekend. This weekend should have been Rachel K.'s baby shower but since she's been in the hospital, her shower is being postponed until further notice. I've heard she is doing well. Saturday is Pi Day. You know that little Greek letter, looks sort of like a double T? That guy is named pi. His short number is 3.14, hence March 14=Pi Day. We in the structures group are celebrating it on Friday by bringing in pies (yea, we know, a day early). We opened it to the whole office this year! We even had some posters made. It's pretty exciting. Well as exciting as celebrating a Greek letter can be!

So I imagine right now you are thinking one of three things. Either you know me well and are thinking "she's making that lemon pie"; or perhaps you know me, but just not that well and are thinking, "This is such a Stephy-Made-Up-Holiday"; or you don't know me and are thinking, "Really? This chic is one crazy nerd". In any case you are right on three accounts.

Yesterday I bought some music: an Elvis Costello album that I actually haven't gotten around to listening to yet; and The Definitive Collection by Toots. Toots is awesome as usual. This album has a reggae version (or perhaps more reggae version) of Redemption Song. It has a couple ska and reggae versions of a couple songs. I prefer the ska versions with out a doubt. I certainly have to say that It's You (ska version) is top notch! It's going on the list of fav songs, I've listened to it about 10 times in the last 15 minutes or something.

Anyway, I actually have some stuff I need to get done this morning, so I will leave you now. With Pi Day Celebration tomorrow, I don't know how much time I'll have to write, but I'll catch up soon.

Word of the Day:
e-hole: A person who sends useless mass e-mails, usually jokes or chain letters.

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