Justin is Number 2

So if you have ever read any of my previous blogs, you will notice that I have mentioned Justin's HOK Blog. Justin Z. is an excellent writer with a sense of humor that I find uber-spectacular! Well I got into work this morning, and I read my blogs; if you recall I rarely read news these days and go straight to the blogs. Anyway, I was catching up and saw that Justin mentioned me in one of his blogs! It's a bit of an equivalent of Douglas Adams making me a character in one of his books! Okay, so maybe the latter would be so much more awesome, but Justin is number 2, and frankly compared to Douglas being number 2 is pretty damn good! When you read his blog, be sure to note that I am NOT the blog stalker, which I could very well have been. If a blog stalker exists, I'm sure I'm some where on that list!

In other news, which I did pay attention to, the East coast, where I just was less than 24 hours ago is being hammered by a snow storm. I guess I got out just in time. Or maybe I got out too early. I haven't made up my mind on this subject yet. Since I didn't have my boots, I'm going with "just in time" for the moment.

I'm making plans for future travel, Austin in May, Indiana in June, maybe England in July, and Canada at least once this year. I have also agreed to do Denver sometime as well, and maybe some white water rafting. My fear of water may inhibit this last one, but it's so intriguing that I'm willing to bite the proverbial bullet! If I died tomorrow, I want to know I made the right choices for me, and fear should never hold a person back from doing new things. Call it ambition, call it stupidity, I think I have a little from column A and a little from column B! If you have any interest in going with me for any of these adventures, let me know! They are all tentative on having a job though.

Well, I've blogged enough for this morning, so I will now leave you with the words of today and past!

take the L: Short for "taking the loss". Frequently used to describe flunking a test, being dumped, stood up, beaten up, or robbed. Also relating to losing one's money in the stock market, gambling, or through exploitative business schemes.

off the hinges: Awesome. Unbelievably good. Wild. Cousin to "off the hook" and "off the chain".

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