Your Crush

Today will be a short blog. I have a lot to do for work, and I need to prepare notes for the lecture I am giving this afternoon at SIUE.

Last night I left work at 9 pm, meaning I was at work for 14 hours! It was exhausting! BUT, Justin mentioned me in his blog! It's like when your crush acknowledges you exist! I'm still floating on a cloud!

Here is your word of the day:
breezy: A woman who is easy. The word "broad" (slang for a woman), is combined with the word "easy", creating the derogatory word "breezy".

In use: Don't worry, you're not her baby daddy; she probably doesn't know who the daddy is. She ain't nuttin' but a breezy!

[Editor's note: If Justin's link is inadvertently removed for the MySpace readers, go to stephysite.blogspot.com to access this blog and link]

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