A True Love Affair

I just got back from my midday walk. It was cold outside, but felt good. I like the way the cold encompasses one's face and numbs the extremities. My eyes even watered a little.

I walked to my bench. It's a nice seat located in the grassy area between the Old Courthouse and Interstate. My bench is the Northeastern one! I like that it faces the Old Courthouse. I could have chosen the bench across from it and faced the Arch; but I just love the way the Old Courthouse proudly sits on its well groomed piece of land with something of a modern city sprouted up around it.
Sitting at My Bench

I particularly like to go to this location because no one is there. Sometimes its nice to people watch, for which I have alternate locations. For getting away from reality, this bench is the only bench that will do! In fact yesterday, I was forced by grounds crews to go somewhere else. I walked to the Arch and sat, rather laid back and rested my head on some steps behind me. Fortunately the weather is cold enough that there were no tourists! I have to admit that watching the river was a bit calming.

So back to my original story: I sat at my bench today with wind lightly whisping my hair around. I just sat there quietly singing along to my music, which was a mixture due to the fact my Zune was on shuffle where I skipped anything classical because I wanted to sing along. I had a brief fleeting thought that I should write down a note on things that make me happy. I can think of at least three: coldness on face, light winds that whisp my hair just right so I can smell it and feel it brush against my face, and quietly singing aloud to music. Considering my lack of finding much enjoyment with anything lately, it was nice to have that 'happy' thought; fleeting as it may have been.

But seriously back to my original story: As I got up to walk back to my office building, my Zune stopped working. It just stopped. This of course made me freeze in place, reach into my pocket, and gently caress and hold my Zune. I turned her little power button on, and she started up but had forgotten what she was doing. It's okay though, I far too often lose my train of thought! I think she may have been cold, so I held her the rest of the way back to my desk.

The whole ordeal made me laugh to myself, and perhaps even out loud! Point is: I always have music playing. It's either piped to my ears through headphones, or played on speakers, or in the car. The few times I don't listen to music would be when I sleep or watch TV/YouTube/etc. BUT, sometimes I still have my headphones on when I fall asleep, so there's something to be said about that! I know there are times when I don't listen to music, but they are far and few between! I do not know how people get through the days without music. If I don't have music, I sing! It may not be good, in fact it may be terrible, but it's music I like none the less! Very often, I dance too! I have silly sort of dances that I do like a hybrid skank-twist, or my shuffle-skanking! I also waltz, but I do the real thing with my imaginary partner, I didn't make that one up!! I'd make someone really waltz with me, but none of the boys I hang around with know how to waltz! Besides, they are all way too concerned about what people think that they'd be too embarrassed to dance with me!

Back to the original story: I have to say that on this walk back, I did not do any dancing, but a lot of little head tilts. I walked the long way back just to maximize my away time. I got back, and here I am, blogging. I'm extremely sleepy and I need to clean my desk up while waiting for "things" to happen. I also need to make a shopping list of pie ingredients!

You might be wondering where the story went. It started as a story and then just stopped being anything of consequence. I guess I never had a story. I just wanted to say I love music. And as I leave you now, I'm skanking in my desk chair to the Specials (a true love affair)!

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