Could Maybe Have Something to Do With . . .

Well, I finally made it to Friday. This week feels like it has been forever; long, stressful, and sad! The really bright side right now is that I am working in a spreadsheet. It's like wrapping yourself in a warm comfy good smelling blanket!

So, yesterday was a really weird day for me, weird things happened, I've begun wondering if I am insane or not. It's like God, that I do not believe exists, was talking to me (no, there were not voices)! I don't discuss religion, so I won't dwell on it in this blog. I also don't want to dwell on it for fear that someone will point out that I am actually very insane. I'm also just not a theologian, so, no point in this discussion; however for the sake of commentary on my life, I, for the first time in years, (in fact so long ago, I can't even recall) I actually prayed. I don't know who I prayed/talked to, I don't know why I did it, I don't even want to wonder why I did it. I just did. I prayed for a lot, for instance, I prayed that Badger would not think I'm insane for praying and just really in need of some sort of understanding as well as for him to figure out his work situation. I prayed the same for Amanda as well (whose opinion I think highly of), and that for her to have some amazing strength (which she already has) to get through everything that is going on with her life. I prayed for my mom to be healthy. I prayed for Eva to be healthy. I prayed for Shane to get some sleep. I prayed for Holly to get a break for once. I don't know how this prayer thing works, I did after all give up on it years ago. Maybe I asked for too much. All I know is that it didn't kill me. I'm not ready to be converted and I don't even want to see a single comment from anyone on this subject. It's literally just a commentary on my life right now!

So part of my prayer was for my mom, who is okay at the moment. Yesterday she was in urgent care with some leg pains that they thought were blood clots. She was scanned and told that was not the problem. I really hope they are right and didn't miss something with the scan. I need my mommy!

Badger picked out some plants for the house/backyard. They are lovely, I don't want to maintain them, but they will look great if properly cared for. I like to garden, I'm just not in the mood to do it!

Rachel K. is still in the hospital, no baby yet, but doing well. Hopefully she can hold out longer for the baby's health and well being.

Rachel M. is coming to town in about 3 weeks. She will be staying at my house in a spare room for part of her trip. I love when my friends come and visit and stay with me.

I am taking Emily to the airport on Saturday morning so she can head back to New York. Emily is who Amanda and I went to visit in New York. She was in town for her dad's funeral (Em is Mandy's sis). I met Em's friends Tim and April yesterday. I think they were decent people, but I really didn't chat with them or anything. Tim was very nice.

I rented a WeCar yesterday to get around to Nowhere, Illinois and back to the city.

I'm supposed to go to a jewelry party tonight, but will play it by ear to see how much work I'll have. I also think I'm getting sick. Could maybe have something to do with licking the Empire State Building. Oh well!

Anyway, I need to be finish this up and getting on with work.
So I will leave you with the word of the day!

hip replacement: The process of introducing a formerly cool person to a product or idea that attempts to make them cool again. Reinventing an individual's public persona through association or action.

In use: Quentin Tarantino gave John Travolta a hip replacement with Pulp Fiction.

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