2nd and Bowery

Well, I'm blogging on a Sunday night because I have so much to say. This past weekend I went to New York City, possibly one of the greatest cities on the face of this planet we call Earth. No driving, but walking or public transit everywhere, and I have never felt so able to blend, as I did in NY.

Amanda and I flew into JFK, caught the Airtrain into Queens to catch the subway into Manhattan, just a couple of blocks south of Central Park to stay with her sis in her tiny apartment. We walked a lot that Friday night we got there, went to a musical on Broadway, and were delirious by the time we finally got to go to sleep that night. It was early Saturday morning when we got a call that prepared us for unfortunate news later that day. We carried on however going to Battery Park, Wall Street, Brooklyn, and the lower east side, perhaps my favorite neighborhood. The lower east side is ran down, it has so much to say! I dragged Emily and Amanda on a wild search for the street Joey Ramone Place, which was at 2nd and Bowery, a corner close to what used to be CBGB's. Sadly, CBGB's is no more, nor is the sign for Joey Ramone. I believe some punk ass bitch stole it! I can't say I wouldn't have tried myself! Anyway, we also went to the Tenement Museum, you should check it out. I ate at a great pizza joint in Brooklyn, and walked the bridge back to Manhattan, which is something I could see myself doing everyday!

Anyway, one of the things that we did on Saturday was to go to Trinity Church near Wall Street. We were inside admiring the architecture, and waiting for the church to implode on us. We were told to turn our cell phones off, but I rarely do, I turned it to silent. When I got my cell phone out, to send a text, I saw the incoming call. It was Gloria calling for Amanda (knowing Amanda wouldn't have her cell, she was to call me). It was the news we had been warned about. Amanda's father passed away. I could only offer the words of encouragement I could have used and perhaps did use when my own father died to get them through this the best I could. It was the memories I had of watching my dad suffering in the end that brought tears to my eyes. It's been hard to get through this weekend, watching them sadden, trying to make them laugh, trying to forget my own sad memories. I had the overwhelming urge to go lay down on top of dad's grave site and just cry. Being in a really great city helped more than you could imagine! We stayed busy, I pulled out all of my comedic acts to entertain, and told them of my own wary mid-life crisis ordeals to take their minds off anything really important!

It was good to be done with this weekend, although I didn't want to leave. I don't want to deal with this week. I still want to disappear. But to end on a high note, New York was awesome, and I plan on returning, you should think about being there yourself!

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