Damn Difficult, Damn Rewarding

Yesterday was interesting. Two friends (M&S) got crappy news, one of which is required to have surgery on Friday; another friend (C) is getting no news when she needs to hear anything; and Amanda came over to do laundry (and of course walk the dogs). I got added to a project here at HOK, which implies I will be here for the long haul of the project. This sounds very reassuring to me, I have a job still, at the place I love to work.

I feel exhausted. On one hand, it's a good feeling, because I hate feeling antsy and it makes sleep peaceful. On the other hand, exhaustion is hard to work through, especially when the sun isn't even up yet and I'm at work. I'm drinking some hot tea though, so I'll be alert in no time I should guess!

I think I am mentally in a better place these days. Part of it is medication, I am sure the other part is planning a trip. I feel like I just need to get away, do something I want to do, spend my money on me, and see things I want to see (an adventure). I guess unless you are in my head, it makes little sense; but I am really looking forward to the future, which is pretty necessary in my opinion. I haven't really looked forward to anything lately.

So in my planning, I look up something new everyday. Today, I might look up more information on the public transportation available in London. You probably already know I am a big advocate for public transportation, and would prefer to never drive again in an automobile (unless I'm the passenger). It makes "getting around" pretty damn difficult sometimes; but is usually a damn rewarding journey.

Alas it is time for me to move onto something else today, a little thing called work! I am designing a retaining wall today, a continuation of yesterday! I might stop back in later to post more, but until then, please have an enjoyable day!

Word of the Day:
fembot: A girl or woman who, unfortunately, finds herself oversubscribed to dominant views of beauty and femininity.

In use: Dude, your new stepmom is such a fembot with her plastic surgery, dye job, and falsies. I don't know what your dad sees in her!

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