You Are A Jerkkk...kyyy Is Bad

So I walked yesterday with Amanda at SIUE where we both decided it is a beautiful campus! While there we had a few conversations, and one of them was about winning. There are many things that she wins, that no one else wants to win. For instance, we were talking about dreams and I told her about my onomatopoeia dream; she told me about hers (that I will choose not to share since it's not mine). Her dream was way more bizarre than my own, so I told her she won that contest. That is how we got to me saying "it's not anything that anyone else would want, but you're a winner"! I never know, was that a good thing to say or a bad thing to say?

Anyway, another conversation we had was about being mean (which I am apparently good at being). Not so much about being mean, but saying what needs to be said even though it might sound mean and hurt another person's feelings (I have an inability to sugar coat things). I won't elaborate on who we were talking about, but I told Amanda that I would use a teleprompter and type the things she needs to say when she is on the phone with the person that needs a good chewing out! So I say that I will write "you are a jerk", and she said she can't say that, so I laughingly played out what she would have said as "you are a jerkkk...kyyy is bad"! We decided that her ad lib would ruin my plan and therefore she will never be able to be mean to the people that hurt her feelings.

I intend on borrowing her phone, finding the number, and making a call myself. Jerk.

I wanted to say thanks to Drew for his explanation of "screaming at the top of my lungs"! It's in MySpace, so if you are my friend, you can read it there. Other people have asked this question and got an answer like this!

It's another day that I need to get to work and focus (which seems impossible most days), so I will leave you for the moment with the word of the day:

spit game: To flirt or mack on somebody, but usually not very seriously.

In Use: I think I'll go out and spit game at some ladies tonight, but I'm not looking to take any home.

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