You Can Call Me Nanerpus

For those of you that may have had the opportunity to see the commercial, you might know who Nanerpus is; for those of you like me, it's on YouTube.

I'm going to pretend to be a guy for a moment: Long story short, Rachel named her baby Nanerpus.

Now back to being a girl: Following delivery of their baby, Randy looked and saw "it" was a boy. The doctor said, "what do you want to call him"? Rachel, in a drugged state of existance said, "you can call him Nanerpus"!

So yea, Miles was born on Friday the 13th. Randy calls the baby Miles. Rachel still calls him her little Nanerpus. It's actually rather sweet.

Since Miles was born early, Rachel and Randy never got the opportunity to get the things they needed for bringing home a baby. Eva and I went shopping this weekend for some of the items they needed. No one carried anything we seemed to go there for, but we got them plenty anyway. I got them a Serta Sheep changing matress. Are you surprised? Didn't think so!

Anyway, when I wasn't looking for things that appear to not exist, I spent a lot of time YouTubing this weekend, which is what happens when I have time to spend on the Internets. I watch old shows, good commercials, and lots of music. It's always worth the time I spend.

I rode my bike on Sunday because the weather was nice. I was worn out, and took a nap. Well then I woke up absolutley stir crazy. So I decided to start cleaning the basement of stuff I do not need. Seriously, I am a packrat so I save everything. Well, there's lots of stuff that I wanted to save all these years, but I don't want to drag it with me everywhere I go in life. So, I just started going through it and cleaning out stuff I didn't need. There was a lot that I decided to keep though. I at least consolidated. I might take pictures of some of it, and I might scan some photos when I get time. Some of it is too classic to trash and needs to be shared with the world!

Quick shout out to Ben and Ashley, who are now engaged, I'll spare you my ideas on being married. A quick shout out to Steph for reaching her 100th Mobile Blog post (oh wait, that's me).

Well, I need to move on to something more productive, so here are your words of the weekend and today:

pi day: March 14. A "holiday" celebrated by math geeks everyhwere. Pi is approximately 3.14, and March 14 is 3/14.

de-loosify: Loosen.

In Use: He made the big switch to Tropicana from Minute Maid orange juice because he was unable to de-loosify the lid.

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