The Answer is Yes

News headline today:

Italy's Earthquake: Could Tragedy Have Been Avoided?

The answer is "yes"!

Ask me about it one day, it was my Master's thesis topic. I can talk for fucking HOURS about this subject (although very technical (I am an engineer), so only those of you willing to look up a few terms are allowed to speak to me about it)!

Absolute passion of mine, saving lives from the unnecessary! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE people; don't ignore engineers when we encourage you to do something. Once in a lifetime comes eventually. Sadly, once in a lifetime killed a bunch of Italians this week! That of course leads me to whole new topics of genocide and Darwinism; I will spare you though, far too crabby to write more today.

Go to the following sites for more info on safeguarding your home, what to do in an earthquake, and other information.

Your Home and Earthquakes

Earthquake Safety

What to do in an Earthquake

If you have questions about earthquakes, ask me!

Word of the day:
ya smell me?: Variation of "ya feel me?"; which is a derivative of "You know what I am saying?"; which is short for "Do you understand what I am trying to explain?".

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