Bathing Someone Dear to Me

I did have a dream I wanted to write down when I got up this morning and forgot about. What I meant to say was this: I recall the part of the dream I wanted to write down, I had forgotten to write it down when I got up this morning!

Anyway, in this dream I was washing a sidewalk and garage door. I had a wide mouth cup of soapy water, and a wash rag. I would soak the rag, then gently wash the garage door, rinse and wring the rag in the cup of soapy water, then soak it again in the same water. Repeat. I was very gentle, as if I were bathing another human being. I washed the door, and even though I wasn't tall enough to reach the top, I still some how managed to wash it. Then I moved to the sills and washed them. All of this in the same gentle and repetitive motions of bathing someone dear to me. The association of me washing as though I were bathing someone was a really strong feeling, as if I wanted to be bathing someone dear to me. Eventually I had moved all the way down to the sidewalk. I sat and washed the sidewalk as gently as I had washed the door. Even though the surface was gritty and rough and catching the rag as it ran across, it never seemed to deteriorate my wash rag. Throughout this dream, when I felt the water was too dirty, I would take it somewhere, pour it out and replenish my warm soapy water. I don't recall doing this action, but I know it was happening. The one time that I can recall pouring out dirty water, I noticed that the water was dirty, but not terrible. I just wanted the freshest, warmest, soapiest water to continue with my task. There was a visible difference in the locations I had washed versus the locations I had not washed.

It was a very calming and comforting dream.

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