disposable cameras

You can never fool your mother! She always knows when something is up! Enough said there.

Mom brought some Easter candy over for me and Chris, it was tasty, I ate a little bit of it and encouraged Chris to consume most of it. I of course took the sweet tarts candy for myself. It shall be noted that I did share the candy!

Now, onto a couple of other subjects. First I wanted to say that I am looking for recommendations for skiffle. It's a type of music that is not as easy to find as I might have suspected. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way!

Second topic is something I read about in Janet's blog. It's called the disposable memory project. Some people dropped disposable cameras off in cities around the world. People took the cameras, took photos, and ultimately the pictures ended up back with the project organizers. I love this idea. It's so awesome to see this stuff. I know that there are a million smart asses out there taking a picture of their not-so-smart ass, but, I hope for the most part, a lot of interesting stuff will show up. It's very exciting and I want to be a part, I want to find a camera! There was one in O'Fallon, Missouri. Only 3 cameras have been returned as of today. I'm very hopeful! Please go check it out and encourage others to look for cameras!

Word of the day-
barsexual: A college-age girl who kisses other girls in bars and clubs, usually for attention and the approval of men.

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