Do Re Mi

So I want to start the morning out with much excitement. After reading the HOK Life blog, I had a great wake up video, for which I shall share with you! This is so right up my alley I almost fell out of my seat watching it . . . just watch!

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did! It makes me think of the night Tim Burns called me Maria Von Trapp! Very sweet! So if anyone reading this wants to get together with me and do an "impromptu" train station dance routine to help advertise a business, call me! Very exciting!

Now, onto other things. Yesterday I was awaken from my nap on the couch to Chris freaking out because his grandparents showed up at our house unannounced! Not that it was a big deal, but the house was a mess and I'm sure they think I'm a terrible house wife. They have no idea how much I hate to clean the house. It's okay though, we all chatted and they left, life went on.

I brought in my "stuff" for HOK St. Louis' Sustainable Swap. Basically we bring in junk that we no longer want, then pull names out of a hat, that person gets to take some one else's "stuff" home. There are prizes to be won as well. Last year some people went home with bikes. I went home with Mikasa. This year I hope to go home with a prize camera! If not that, then a composter! I know, I know, a composter?! I'm big into this, I'm big into preservation of our planet. Say what you want, but I know at the end of the day, I did my part, and THAT makes all the difference!

Speaking of making a difference, check out http://stepharbogast.wordpress.com

Well, I am sure I will blog more later, as I usually do. But for now, I have some librarian work to do! Talk later readers!

abandominium: An abandoned house that homeless people squat in.

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