Drew, I Think You'll Dig Today's Word

Ah, what a beautiful morning it is! It's freezing and there was a significant earthquake in Italy, wonderful! (Give me a second to clean up the sarcasm spewing from every pore)!

So my friend Clint (or at least I'm claiming him as my friend) is in Italy for work. I Facebook'd him this morning as soon as I found out about the It'y earthquake to make sure he was okay, and he is! He was about 400 miles from the epicenter (for states people, that would be from about St. Louis, MO to Columbus, OH). Likely enough to have felt it, but considering that I do not know what the soil and ground conditions are, it is hard to say for certain. I feel I have some authority in this disposition as I did after all write my Master's thesis on seismic retrofit of existing structures. This did require some research into the effects of earthquakes of any magnitude and distance.

Anyway, enough bragging about the my splendid intelligence (damn it, more spewing sarcasm, what a gooey mess)!

As you might have noticed, I like to encourage people to look at sites or images, whatever it may be, that I find interesting. Sometimes I like those things because they were creative, or odd, or right up my alley. In any case, I hope you take the chance to at least click on the links. It's very exciting for people to see how many hits they get on a website, to see who refers them, and to get noticed. People like to be noticed, as I'm sure you do too!

On that note, here is a list of sites (from previous blogs):
O'Connell's, my favorite place to have a few (has the best bartenders)
Art work by Jason Potter, graphic arts guru!
Dan Z., yet another amazing artist.
My blog crush Justin, awesome sense of humor!
HOK Life-what's going on where I work (my cult in other words)
A book I want to read!
I LOVE, and I mean LOVE books, especially pop-up books, so these two books are on my "Buy this for me" list! Nightmares, and phobias!
Something else on my "buy me this" list!
For foodies!
For bookies! (ha, not that kind)

If you have some cool sites, send them my way, and if I like them as well, I'll stick them in a blog and encourage people to read!

Words of today and the weekend (Drew, I think you'll dig today's word):
(weekend's word)
sauce: Very good. Amazing.
In Use: The TV show CSI is sauce.

(today's word)
porkchop: Police helicopter.
In Use: The porkchop is hunting for perps tonight.

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