I Even Smell Good Today

Okay, so I got a comment about my dream, and how odd it is, and that it will become my new nightmare. Here is the edited comment by Drew:

"u have some weird dreams. first dead people now bathing stuff... its gonna become your new nightmare... bathin stuff... "

It's funny that you should mention that it will be my new nightmare, because I honestly am disgusted by baths. Showers all good (trust me, I am clean, I even smell good today); baths are disgusting cesspools of bacteria waiting to invade any orifice that they can. I also think that dirty pools of water, like mop buckets, sinks for dishes, etc. are similarly gross. The thought of me putting my hand into mucky water makes me want to vomit. So really, I have no idea how I thought this dream was calming!!!

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