I Had An Interesting Day

I know Mike C. will secretly appreciate this blog. It is after all my second blog of the day. I feel compelled to write! I had an interesting day!

So for starters, we, or rather HOK won the Missouri Baptist Hospital job. This is a huge win for us! The structures group, of which I am part, is the primary structural engineer! Yippee skippee!

Second, we, or rather HOK had the director for the Missouri Audubon Society speak at our office today. I went into it thinking, "birds, woo-hoo birds" (said in the lamest voice possible). But as I listened to the guy, I really liked him. He talked more than about birds, but habitats, and travel. It was really cool and has inspired me to consider a bird bath and feeder in the back yard where the cardinals like to hang out. I worry though, that the dogs will kill a few birds.

Third,we, or rather HOK went on a tour of a recycling facility this evening. It was so awesome. It was everything I had hoped it would be. It was like being IN an episode of How It's Made! I loved it! I want to elaborate, and tell you how cool it was to watch the materials sort, and to watch the simple mechanics of the machines perform spectacular feats . . . but really I can't find words that would do it justice!

Now if you read my first blog of today, you will have known that I started this morning by running from my car to the train. I have ended my day by running from the train to my car in order to avoid being completely soaked. Didn't help, I was soaked through!

I will try to get a little blogging done this weekend, so stay tuned!

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