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I'm attempting to do something different with my blog today using "lightboxes". I will guess that this won't work in MySpace or Facebook, but then again, I never know until I try! So here it goes! Click on the links to websites and they will take you to new pages. Same as always. Click on the links to pictures and a "lightbox" will pop up with the image. So instead of taking you to a new page, it just pops up over this blog. Click on the image to make it go away! Now, the blog -

I'm exhausted! I've been having these extremely vivid dreams lately. Last night's was about work, people sitting in different locations (Steven Crang over by Advanced Strategies, Andrew Schwabe over by us, Mike Plotnick by IT), office furniture was being rearranged throughout. It was so vivid that I've had to stop and think a few times if some of it was real. For instance, my pink cup that I use daily, I had thought it was in my "locker", but it wasn't, it was in my overhead cabinet. I understand my confusion because in my dream last night, I cleaned my locker so that I could put my cups in there! But, now here at work, I see that my locker is not cleaned out, at all. It's rather messy.

I also woke up several times in the night. 1 A.M., 3 A.M., 5 A.M.; each time thinking to myself (or maybe I talked out loud too?) "I get to sleep more, thank God I get to sleep more". At around 5 A.M. Riley was crying. I had thought it was because he wanted outside badly and I was so tired I couldn't understand that there was an awful noise that sounded like animals being killed. I never heard it, but Chris said it was loud and caused Riley to have a fit! That all seems so unreal that I am wondering if I dreamed it as well!

At any rate, I'm still exhausted. I am ready to fall asleep at any given moment!

Thanks to Dynamic Drive for useage of the lightbox scripts!

Word of the day-
key: Just perfect. Describes something that would make you a whole lot happier.
In Use: A hug from mom would be key right now!

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