Pale Expressionless Face

I claim to be neither a religous person or a skeptic. I've recently grown into a postion of pure uncertainty that allows me to hope more than search. I read an article this morning that I found quite appealing. I call this article "This is your brain . . . and this is your brain on God".

In addition to that, I wrote a blog on Wordpress about Twitter and these fun guys called hashtags. I'm certain that a handful of people reading this are chuckling a little to themselves about the phrase "hashtag". I chuckled myself when I first read it. That's okay, I think if you are at Twitter fan, you will soon appreciate them!

To recap yesterday, it was a decent day. HOK St. Louis finished up our RecycOlympics with Rocco Danna taking the overall gold medal! The medals were awesome (made from used products). As I am writing this in the morning, I have not yet seen any results posted in the HOK Life blog. Hopefully I will be able to do a post script [P.S.] to this blog later giving you the link! I met Amanda at the gym where we walked outside and got some fresh air and shared some stories.

Today I dressed up like a girl in a cute brown skirt with a nice top and brown jacket. I even put on a little make up to cover up the pale expressionless face I woke up with this morning. I'm hoping to have a good day. Today is the sustainable swap so I'm hoping to leave here with at least a camera or a composter. There is a bike rack I may choose to take for Eva if the other opportunites do not arise.

On a whole other quick topic, I believe I saw my brother Drew on the news last night. They showed a clip of MSD crews working on a broken sewer line. Despite the utterly smelly mess he has to work in, I'm sure he'll be loving the extra work he gets from this disaster.

alcologic: Explanations given by a person who has been drinking and that only makes sense to them.

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