We Are A Cult

I love where I work. Let me say that again, I LOVE where I work. Most people say "there is no way a person can love work that much". Well to those people I say, "fine, we are a cult".

To a handful of people I know, I eagerly sent them to the hoklife blog to watch a video about one of the things we are doing here at work. I'm proud of us! I think we are fun!

RecycOlympics Come to HOK St. Louis from HOK on Vimeo.

So the big event happened last Friday (I was not at work, but in Kansas City). All of the finalists' information was included on the HOK life blog. It comes around now to tie breakers! This was the e-mail we got today, along with the flyer provided to show us the method of a tie-breaker. Very clever indeed.


Here is the tie breaker:


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