Yep, Busy Busy Busy!

I'm going to start this blog off by tracking back in time. A time I call . . . "yesterday"!

I left work late to get a couple of extra hours in since I won't be at work on Friday (going to KC Fri-Sun). As it usually goes on evenings that I don't have an automobile, I took the Metrolink to the 5th & Missouri East St. Louis station. The bus to Collinsville shows up about quarter to the hour. I get there a bit early to ensure I don't miss it. While sitting there, Eva calls to tell me there is a major drug bust at the meth house just a few houses over from her house. We are talking about the SWAT truck, SWAT team with guns aimed, and PERCUSSION GRENADES! PERCUSSION GRENADES!! Damn the luck of my profession; I want to use percussion grenades!

Anyway, for those of you who may not really know who I am (and even for those people that do); I used to live at Eva and Jami's place in West Granite. That is West Granite City, Illinois. Now, it's not the best part of town. It's considered "the other side of the tracks", literally it is the other side of the tracks. But I liked it well enough, still do. It's the same atmosphere as any town/city. You have the wealthy, you have the poor, and you have everything in between. West Granite just seems to house most of the drug producers. Meth makers. Duane. Duane got his ass some percussion grenades yesterday!

Now, back to the bus . . . I was waiting with a large group of people for the bus. I've done this often. I've never felt scared, awkward, or in danger. Yesterday changed that!

The bus arrives, we all stand to get on, one by one filing onto the bus offering our tokens for a ride. I offered the fellow by me the "next in line" spot, he declined and said, "after you". I thought it was polite, thought nothing else of it. I got on and went to my well chosen seat. I put a lot of thought into the seat I choose (shown below).

My Seat on the Bus

This particular seat has a plastic thingy behind it so that no one can reach over the seat. I can sit in the aisle seat and set my belongings in the window seat. The only major downfall to this seat is that the seat across the aisle faces my seat. This is where the "polite guy" sat (see below). From now on, "polite guy" is now "weird guy".

Weird Guy's Seat on the Bus

I had headphones on, which I thought was the universal signal to say "I do not want to speak". I guess he took it as "I am just listening to music until someone bothers me, please come bother me". He started his line of questioning, "how was your day", "how was work", "what do you do", "what does that mean", "how long have you been doing it", "does it pay well", "do you like it", "where did you go to school", "where did you grow up" . . . etc. I seriously started to feel as though this were the East St. Inquisition. There was finally a break in speech. I turned my head, put the headphones on, turned my body so it's language said "leave me alone", and pretended to be busy with my cell phone. Yep, busy busy busy.

Then he lightly touches my arm which scared the crap out of me. What is much more scary is that when I turned to see what it was that he wanted, he was standing, rather haunched next to me watching my every move with the cell phone. I think he got close to smell me or something of that nature. He kept touching my arm despite my uncomfortable inching away from him. This is a major violation of my personal space for sure! Thankfully he got off at the horse racing track which he referred to as his "second home". Before exiting the bus he grabbed my shoulder, held it for what felt like hours, and told me how great it was to talk to me.


Anyway . . . so now fast forward to this morning. I took Metrolink today, but completely bypassed the bus option (imagine that)! I had to run to catch my train; that's okay. Nothing like a brisk run to get your heart rate up in the morning! And alas, here I am, at work, blogging. Yep, busy busy busy!

But tonight I will be taking a tour of St. Louis' largest recycling plant. I am very excited. I would take some photos to share, but that's not allowed.

I have a few things I wanted to comment on this morning. 1) Yes Drew, magnets would be a good idea, and surprisingly some one else mentioned it yesterday, jokingly though. It would be great if we embraced what is natural to make structures, roadways, etc. In this case, no chance of magnets. I will have to come up with something much more clever to make my stair float, yet withstand gravity and lateral loading. This is going to take some Voodoo, if anyone has any suggestions, I am totally open! 2) Fuck, Becky, warn me by saying "These images are not suitable for Stephy's eyes". Ugh! 3) Mike, you shall be amazed by what I will learn about soccer. I'll make you proud! Oh, and from Chris, "soccer's for girls". 4) Watch Amélie, it's one of my favorite movies, and I watched it yesterday. 5) I will be in Kansas City Friday through Sunday to visit Erika and family as well as to catch the English Beat. I will try to blog, but I might have to disappoint Mike by not blogging more than once. Sorry friend!

I will leave you now with the word of the day . . .

downchuck: the opposite of upchucking. When you vomit a bit, and you accidentally swallow it. Leaves a nasty taste in your mouth and can often happen many times if you are hungover. [Editor's note: gross]

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