According To The Gods . . .

So Eva, my dear cohort in crime and everything else, is into astrology. Now, if there was ever any proof-less entity or energy that I would have total faith in without question, it would be the stars and the many tales they tell!

So Eva, the pal she is, gave me my astrological signs. What it tells me is stuff I already know . . . but stuff that I thought I might share with you!

I am determined, practical, stubborn, resistant, and affectionate. I am extremely dependable and loyal. I have a temper. Beneath my surface, I am sentimental. My sensuous and vulnerable spot is my neck. I am very clever at hiding my true feelings. I disapprove of my emotions. When emotionally hurt, I cut myself from my feelings. I dread rejection and find rejection one of the most painful things to endure. There is usually secret sorrow in my life. Work is important to me. I find it difficult to put complete trust in some one else. I am moody. I complain that the world does not appreciate me. I am a good observer. I love to give unexpected gifts to those I love. I am honest, blunt, and combative. I am domineering.

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