Can You Take Me Seriously?

I know, before you say it, I am aware this is blog number three of the day [excuse my bitchy tone, but I did learn to count thank you very much, and frankly who cares how much I write anyway]! In my defense, I wrote the last one Tuesday night. [Are you reading this in MySpace and wondering where the 2nd blog is? Check it out here!]

Part of my wanting to write is just to get a break from thinking; the other part of my wanting to write is based on me hoping to show you some things and ask you a question to which you will give me a response! In any case, I'm full of want. So . . .

First, read this entertaining blog . . .

Then take a look at the posted comments (as seen below) . . .

Now, I know that this HOK Life work blog is a fun sort of thing we do, it allows for some "goofing"; but can we be taken seriously after something like this? [If you weren't sure, we are chiding the public/media over the hysteria of the swine flu, or at least I was 100%]

I feel like we work for the Onion! [I wish I worked for the Onion!]

My answer is that we can be taken seriously after acting so goofy! We are entitled to our opinions, which can include a profound annoyance with hysteria that media promotes/creates. We are entitled to have fun at work as well! So yes, we can be intelligent, witty, and silly.

But then again, while I care for my job and respectfulness gained from others, do I care if people think I am serious or even goofy? Not really! [Then again, I am writing about it, so I obviously do care maybe?]

So, what do you think?

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