I have always suggested to my readers (all three of you), that if you see a website or blog I should check out, send it my way! I love to browse through the Internets to see who and what is out there. So, yesterday, someone actually suggested a site! Thank you Becky! [Becky has saved my faith in humanity (or at least readers)]

Cupcakes! Yes, it is that simple. She commented on my blog and left the website http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com/, that prompted me to check it out. It was cute! I am always amazed at the ability of others. These edible delights are gorgeous. My favorite picture though, is the one with the doggy!
Cupcake Dog

So other than that, it's been quiet. Not too many people blogging. So, get to it so I have something to look at today! Later readers!

Word of the day-
nuts and a half: Something very extraordinary, mind-blowing, interesting, extreme, and often death-defying or someone willing to do something dangerous.

[POST SCRIPT-I want this book]

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