I'm Looking for Fun T-Shirts

I'm curious to know how many individuals get the regular old run of the mill flu every year? How does this compare to the swine flu?

And on a similar subject, but not at all similar; terrible storms jarred through the Midwest last night. (3 casualties, similar to pandemic, see where I was going with that?)

I finished Dead and Gone last night, I'm still forming an opinion on the ending. It, as all the rest of those books, went way too quickly. I started reading You Suck, A Love Story. Chapter 2 is the best so far, hands down.

To Mike and Kelly I have this to say: I don't know what kind of crowd you run around with these days, but Bacon Lube with a little bit of mayo later is just horrifying! I hope you practice safe eating!

I'm looking for some fun t-shirts to buy (hence the displays today). If you find any good one's please let me know!

Word of the day-
press: To try to scare someone. [funny, that the press (meaning media) is scaring us with this whole flu thing]

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Kelly said...

I totally WANT that bacon tee.