Laissez-Faire Blogging

I'm going to start doing something different! Or that's what I tell myself. (I talk to myself a lot)!

You see, in my drafts here at blogger, I have a blog of things I like and dislike. Initially I was going to make it a blog all on it's own. I have some silly pictures of me that are thumbs up or thumbs down (for like/dislike). Then, to the right, my thing that I like or dislike.

Instead of making one long post that no one reads; I'll just add one like and one dislike (unless the occasion calls for change) in addition to my usual laissez-faire blog and word of the day!

Sound like a plan to you? Good then! (Wait, did you just say "no"? Unacceptable!)

So, now . . . onward with the blogging (laissez-faire style)! ... ... ...

Short week this week with the holiday Monday and it's a stressful one where I am dodging some proverbial stinging and fiery darts while man handling two deadlines! You might have noticed, or not noticed at all, I did not blog early Thursday. Well to be honest, I had no time. I left work to go to an appointment, and then returned to work with pizzas in hand to feed the crew. Here it is, near 11 PM and I'm blogging while waiting for some prints! But alas, I shall get this published some time today!

BlahDisappearing Lakes: The Aral Sea is disappearing because Russia diverts flow that would go to it! Come on people!

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fap: The onomatopoeic representation of masturbation. Often used to suggest something is attractive.

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