A Message to Bernie

My fingers are numb. I guess that is what happens when people learn to play the guitar. I'm not doing so well with learning the guitar, but I figure it's a lot like learning to type, eventually the brain will memorize the exact location of the finger placement to achieve a certain note.

So this morning I heard the story of my dear little friend Grace T., who got in trouble for calling someone fat. Her innocence is going when she notices people are different! It sounds as if she was fairly certain that her life was over!

I couldn't sleep last night, which I suppose is not really surprising these days. Lots of tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable, and thinking about this or that, legs fidgeting, or saying the States in alphabetical order (a compulsive behavior I have acquired)!

My morning started out hectically with me having to answer RFI's (Requests for Information - from contractors) to a job I am no longer involved in, and when I was involved I wasn't even doing design but drafting (modeling in REVIT). Got that done though and am back to my confidential job. Load cases! Exciting, I can see it in your face. (Yea, maybe I really CAN see your face)!

The one thing that has made my day though: my message to Bernie! Oh yes, I sent a message to Eva's business partner telling him that we used to take baths together as children. It's been the long running joke since I told her doctors! Oh the laughter that poured out when I saw her e-mail to me. There was payback, but it was worth it!

Okay, well then, on that note, sorry for the overwhelmingly dull blog!

Word of the day-
poser: One who pretends to be someone they are not or who tries to fit in but exaggerates.

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