Oxymoron...I have to admit, just the word itself is entertaining. It sounds to me like an aerobic idiot, perhaps a well oxygenated goofball, at the very least a fool who thought to wash himself with Oxyclean! But, that isn't what it is at all! It's just a word. Most of you of course know what an oxymoron is, but for the sake of explanation I will tell you anyway! Oxymoron: a combination of contradicting words (short giant; stupid genius; quick turtle). So why this topic you wonder? Well coworker Mike P. tweeted a site that I wanted to share. Someone's top 45 oxymorons!

So these are the 5 I liked: Act Naturally, Government Organization, Political Science, Same difference, and plastic glasses.

Which 5 do you like?

Word of the day-
the jacket: The fuzz, the Five-O, the police.
[Drew, did you know this word?]

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