So Did Anyone Find T-Shirts For Me To Buy?

Just so you know, I did bike today! Everything went smoothly, got here at my normal time.

I'd love to stick around and chat but I have lots to do today. I will have to update you on the work situations that have risen at a later blog. [Reminder of these work things: struct. moving in with arches; Andrew new position so struct. down to 6]

So did anyone find any cute/fun t-shirts for me to buy? I'm serious about wanting to get some more t-shirts . . . and, on that note, Kelly wants that bacon shirt from my earlier blog [hint hint].

Word of the day-
bagsy: To claim something for yourself. There is no higher authority than a bagsy; once someone has bagsy'd something it can't be taken away.

In Use: I bagsy my seat. I gotta take a leak.

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