Wake Up Please

Last night I had a nightmare. It started out in my mom's house, except Chris and I were there but no one else. We had invited some talk show host over to the house as a surprise for Amanda because we knew she would want to meet him. We told Amanda and she was taken aback by the surprise, much as I expected her to do. Moments later she and I were sitting on the floor of my old bedroom; it was still tiny, same layout. We were talking when I noticed a small (1/2") spider. It was brown, fuzzy, and creeped me the fuck out! It was at this point that I saw the rest of the spiders, much larger, all over, and now crawling on me. They were all brown with black spots and fuzzy with beady black eyes that looked like an abyss. Amanda at this point left me and shut the door. I screamed for her, she did not come. I screamed for Chris and he laughed through the door. I screamed for anyone to help me and no one would. Broken hearted and crying, I tried smashing the spiders with a spare shoe but there were too many. I remember saying aloud "wake up wake up wake up please for the love of God" . . . and then, like a miracle I woke up. I shot straight up in bed! My heart was racing so fast I could feel it in my face and ears. I ungracefully flew out of bed and turned on the light, pulled back my blankets and even flipped the pillows. No spiders! I sat down and just took a minute to breath. Got up to flip the light off and shot a glance in the mirror to see the sweat that had accumulated on my face and neck. I took one more glance around, flipped the switched, and took a last stab at trying to sleep.

That's my word: Interjection used to reinforce a statement.
In Use:
Guy 1: Stay away from her, she's a skank!
Guy 2: No way, not her?!
Guy 1: That's my word!

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