Crunk On Gatorade

I started my morning off great! Rode my bike into work, drank Gatorade, and really, does anything get better than Gatorade? I think not!

Anyway, I have two really cool gifts to mail out today. I would post what those are, but the recipients read this so it will just have to be a surprise! I did take photos so that once the recipients receive their gifts, I can share with you!

I posted online for the HOK Life blog, I think you should go check it out! (I of course always think you should check out the HOK Life blog)!

I am a traitor. I went yesterday and bought a lime green iPod Nano to replace my stinking bastard of a music player I once called my beloved Zune. The Zune won't work, and it pissed me off, so I traded sides! The blasted Zune still doesn't work, so I am contemplating driving over it tonight just to get some aggression out of my angtsy bones!
For Drew, here is the Chet the Jet link!

crunk: Highly intoxicated. Combination of "crazy" and "drunk". Made popular by hip-hop artist Lil Jon.

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