Here, Have a Smoke

Wow, just when I thought it was safe to have a smoke or two I saw these ads! Really though, I was being facetious! (Thanks go to Janet for this heads up).

I find the following picture extremely disturbing ...

 Pic Copyright of The Design Inspiration

Now, onto another note, Drawing Day 2009 is coming up. So, on Saturday, June 6, 2009; get the kids together, get the dogs together, or just get yourself together and draw! It's all being done for the sake of art. Here is how to participate: Draw, Upload your drawing in one of the following sites, then mention that you participated in Drawing Day!! (Thanks to Michelle for this heads up)!

Word of the day-
word life: Interjection meaning "I swear to you on my life what I tell you is true". It was used by rappers in the early 90's to mean "I promise".

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