I Hate Heartbreak!

Yep, I did it! I whacked my head hard enough to give myself a concussion. Little is to be said about it. I'm fine, I'm doing nothing about it as there is nothing to be done, and there is NO reason (let me emphasize this) NO REASON TO TELL MOM! Got it?

There's nothing more to say about it, so I'll move on to other subjects. My friends, The Trowbridges (Will, Christine, and Grace) are having their canine friend put to sleep today as poor Queens health is in a dire state. She has cancer that is making breathing very labored. The vet said it's really a matter of days until she goes on her on, and it will be painful. It's the right choice. It's sad. I hate heartbreak!

Well, that's really all I have today. Later maybe.

grow a pair: To gather one's courage and do what needs to be done. Sometimes used as a call to action. Often used as an insult.

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