I Love to Travel.

Okay, so a quick update, then I have to get to work. I got home yesterday to find a package left on my bed. One quick glance at the return addy and I knew it was my new Rancid album. It's sweet. I could just hug those boys. They'd probably look at me funny and tell me to get away; but I'd hug them anyway! Darlings I tell you.

Work stuff: I had a deadline set for July 1. Just a schematic design package so realistically what I already have done is enough; I am an over-achiever so not good enough for me. I will be working 10-12 hour days every day this week. Good news is that I had planned to take next week off to hide for a week. I'd tell you where but that would ruin the point of hiding! But, the extra time I work this week will be applied to next week so less vacay time to be used. Saves me about 2 days! Amanda and I will plan a trip with the extra time. I love to travel, this is perfect.

Other: So I have two friends, I think of one as a best friend (never ever going to be above my Eva in ranks, so don't go getting some ego), and another as a new friend (some one I think of as more than an acquaintance). Even if, let's say for example, they hated each other one day, I would want to think of them as I do now, liking each in their respective ways. I'd also like to say I want was is best for them, and what that is, I have no idea. I try to be judicial in my judgements. Fairness for everyone is the least anyone deserves from me. Having said that, I want to mention that I think he is worth the chance, I really do. If in the end, it all comes to nil, then she doesn't deserve him. She doesn't deserve his compassion, his idiosyncrasies, his charm (if that is what one can call it)!


Yippee New Rancid album, Let the Dominoes Fall. Especially the acoustic album. I think Eva will love the acoustic song New Orleans. It's lovely. You Want It, You Got It has a zydeco feel to it, yet another Eva will love. EEE, I can't wait for their show in 'bout two weeks.

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elevision: The act of people in an elevator staring up, uncomfortably, at the numbers as they light up when the car moves.

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