Thank Your London Friend

If you go to my real blog site at stephysite.blogspot.com, you can now choose to "like" or "dislike" each post. Took me forever to get that on there. It should be as simple as adding it via the easy editor; but I always have to go and mess with the actual code which sort of voided that easy part. But alas, I got it there, so you should go "Like" or "Dislike" your favorite posts!

Other than that, I'm drawing a blank today. It could be that all of my enthusiasm has gone to the wayside today. I feel like a giant slug that just wants to go back to sleep.

I wanted to say thanks to Holly for asking her friend about London and for letting me borrow him should I need any help while there. I really appreciate the assistance! It's nice to know that there is someone on that side of the planet that'll help an insane stranger! So thanks Holly and Friend! (Holly, please do warn Friend that I am tilted a little to the left when it comes to sanity; I'd hate to scare him!)

A'ight, talk later maybe...

hobeau: An unclean boyfriend.

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