If You Know, Please Tell Me

I never understand how people can just let their heart be out there open to the attack of the world. It's like slaughtering oneself. I can't do it. Perhaps I've learned that all will end in broken pieces so just don't put yourself there for the torment. If you know, please tell me. How is it that people have carefree hearts?

On another topic, this week is surreal to me (4 famous ppl dead, 1 dog put to sleep, 1 dog with bad hives, 1 concussion, 1 indescribable mood). So much has happened that I'm beginning to believe this week was really an entire month and I've just lost track of time. If you know, please tell me. Have I really lost time?

I am getting tix for three shows (Eng. Beat, TMBG, Rev. H. Heat). I think they'll be good shows to catch. Did you want to tag along? If you know, please tell me. Are you going?

I had a nightmare last night about a friend's former ex-fiance. I had dreamed that he was "stalking" me. By "stalking me", I mean that he was stalking my friend through me and my blog. He went through and favorite'd any post she was mentioned in and I found out he was a friend of mine through myspace through a fake name. It was creepy, I woke up sweating. If you know, please tell me. Are you really following me?

digitard: Anyone who has difficulty using technology for even the most basic of tasks, such as making a call on a cell phone.

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