Oh boy, lots & lots to say...this could become a rambling mess, but I'll try to focus it up a bit...

1. Thanks to Janet, I found this pool of pictures called "Looking Into the Past"; pictures of pictures . . . please take a look for yourself! I think JPo would really appreciate these.

2. This may be totally morbid, but that is me. I went to dad's grave for Father's Day. I took him flowers and beat myself up the rest of the day because I can no longer remember what his favorite color was. It's hard to lose memories you can't bear to lose. Before you know it, they are gone.

3. Bella has some odd bumps all over her bully dog body. Best guess is that they are hives. Can't find the cause, they don't appear to be getting worse, but I can't say for certain they are getting better. My poor sweet baby! Any ideas?

4. I am going to start Geo Caching. Not sure what it is? Well here is my summary: modern day hidden treasures. Go check it out for yourself. James already told me that he is in for this adventure, and I know Amanda will be involved. It's very interesting, though I need a GPS unit! Here is a website you can check out: GPS GeoCaching

5. DUDES, no one told me that Tim Burton was making an Alice in Wonderland. Even worse is that no one told me Johnny Depp is going to be the Mad Hatter. Oooh, let the nightmares begin! (Trust me on this, A-in-W has always scared me to the point of nightmares, so yes, I am a complete and total sissy (side note: make up covering the entire face and masks really really scare me) could some one please tell me what this phobia name is)!

6. Some quotes from the book I'm reading that some of my readers will find amusement from:

"I have it on good authority that her feet are like ferryboats. They strap them under her gown to keep them from flapping when she walks."

"I don't trust anyone who appears so trustworthy. They must be up to no good." (Click here to recall why this sounds like me)

"Do you think [they] are poofters, or are they, you know, just fucking French?"

7. A 105 degree F. heat index is really much warmer in St. Louis than Jamaica. Maybe it was the rum in Jamaica that made it feel less painful?

8. An ad in the Planetizen online mag., for HOK, my employer:

man stand: The act of a man standing outside of a shop while his wife/girlfriend/partner shops inside. Man standing involves looking into space, at other women, or in the case of multistory shopping centers, leaning on railings of an upper floor watching people below.

break the seal: The point at which you first [urinate] after you have been drinking alcoholic beverages. After that you will have to [urinate] a lot more often.

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