Oh yea . . . I'm Pushy

Oh yea ... so I rode my bike to work yesterday. I left work late which means I caught the train to East St. Louis to catch a bus. E. St. is not the best place for a girl to go alone (especially at night in my skin). Never stops me! So yesterday, a woman sneered at me, turned to her pal and whispered (rather loudly) "cracka". So it was obvious I was unwelcome by at least one individual. It's disappointing that I can be fair to most, but do not receive fairness back. Instead I'm judged.

But what I thought to myself for those few moments was how defiant and pushy I am. I toe the line, I push the barrier back millimeters at a time. I urge people to challenge me. I'm always looking for a fight, and am always, ready to fight. I'd get my arse kicked to smithereens, but I'd do it anyway! You have to stand up for what you believe, no one else will do it for you!

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