Random Dialogue

Annoying Stuff:
Would everyone please stop asking me my opinion of North Korea? Would everyone please stop telling me about North Korea? It scares me. It scares the living day out of me. I will be severely disappointed if I am not DEAD before the world erupts into total and complete chaos from biological and nuclear warfare.

Interesting Website:
Drunk Texts, which I am known to send quite a few!

Odd Threat:
Justin, my blog crush, was threatened today with "watch your back". I am assuming until told otherwise that it is a sort of facetious threat. Weird though.

Random Dialogue:
Why won't you answer me, ever? Is it too much to ask for from you? Am I just not good enough for a response? Do you want me to leave you alone? Why won't you just tell me? I hate feeling insane. Even worse I hate feeling ignored. I also really hate repeating myself.

F-U money: Any amount of money that allows you to maintain a desired lifestyle without employment or assistance from anyone.

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