This One Is All About Words

Ah yes, we do exist, engineers that love words. We may not be poets and we may not make art, but we do love the idea of listing things out, giving them meaning, and then repetitively using them! With such great enthusiasm I got to read a blog yesterday about words. Thanks to Twitter friend @SomeChum for sending me there!

Speaking of words, I used some yesterday to blog for my employer, HOK! My enthusiasm to write is overwhelmingly high; but I find that when it comes to keeping a good name associated with my employer I hesitate on what to write about. I could honestly write about lots of things, but I fear most people would find it dull and comparatively unuseful. Those HOK bloggers are some interesting people! But this personal stuff here, it flows outta me like stink on a pig! (ha)

Also speaking about words, I've began reading my newest book by Christopher Moore titled Fool. The language is a bit hard at first because it is set in England, in the time of "a more or less mythical thirteenth century Britain". I am certain I will enjoy it for two primary reasons: 1)it is by Christopher Moore and 2) THIS MAP [Ed. Note: please make note of France!].

I have one more thing to say about words before I leave you with the word of the day (and some extras). Sometimes when you read this blog, you might feel as though there is some coded or underlying meaning that you don't get. Well, you are right. Sometimes I say things that only one or two other people will know. I don't know if those people or anyone reads these blogs, but if they do, they'll get the meaning. They will know I am talking about them or to them. Sometimes the "coding" is less evident, and sometimes it is blatant! I try to use a word that "the person" will know. Perhaps a word that only "we" use, much like an inside joke. So perhaps if you see the word puttanesca you will know I am saying hello without pointing You out. Perhaps if you see a bizarre sentence like "find a safe place, then what next?"; you'll know it was meant for You specifically! So at any rate, please enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled for a secret message!

Desultory: something lacking purpose
Puttenesca: prostitute sauce! A tomato and anchovy sauce for pasta
Inglenook: a nook typically near a large open fireplace
Cofishes: Other fish in a group; coworkers, cohorts, etc. Shut up, it's a word. [Ed. Note: that's from Christopher Moore]

Word of the Day-
whoadie: A friend, particularly someone from the same area of the city as you.

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