You Can Call Me Anytime Baby

Interesting cake for Eva's group of people. Yes, they might be giant ... oh wait, I meant to say, they might be facetious!

Saw an article in an architecture magazine called Architectural Record that I think Mike C. would really appreciate reading. It's about this very cool looking building, Barcelona's Gas Natural headquarters building. It has a huge cantilever! What is a cantilever you ask? It is the
suspended end of a building, beam, etc. The "part that hangs off the edge". Here
are some images of the building . . .

Photos from Gas Natural Website

I hate to go into a tirade about cantilevers, mostly because engineers already get made fun of because we worry about the size of one's cantilever (ha, wink wink nudge nudge baby)! But more important to the reader; I don't imagine you would have any idea what I was talking about, then you'd get bored, and then you'd never read my blogs! But, if you should ever find the need to talk some serious talk about the size of one's member, er, cantilever member, well you can call me anytime baby!

Now, on with the word of the day-
limousine liberal: Wealthy person who adopts the cause of the downtrodden; carries a connotation of hypocrisy.

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Toontonearmy1 said...

Ive seen this bldg before on some show. fascinating isnt it?!