Comics & Quotes

Just wanted to share stuff that made/makes me laugh . . . I love the people I know for it is they who keep me laughing!

Some Quotes:

Crystal: What do you teach in the dam safety class?
Amanda: Well . . .
Crystal: Oh wait, "If it breaks, hold your breath"!

...a conversation ensues about being mugged for diamond earrings for which my response is, "just shoot me you jerkwad and you can pull the earrings out yourself after I fall over dead"! Later, when saying bye to Amanda, I told her that if I was found dead in Dublin/London/Glasgow, she would then know I said a similar phrase...

Amanda: Steph, they don't have guns there
Steph: Oh, right, okay, then I'll say ... uhm ... well ...
Amanda: Bludgeon Steph, the word is bludgeon, that's what they do there
Steph: I love it! "Go on jerkwad bludgeon me to death"!

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