I Feel Like Crap

I feel like crap today because I'm sick. Not pretend sick either, I've got the high fever, sore throat, achy body, pounding head, etc.

I shouldn't be at work, but I had to finish a few things up, so I came in today.

Good news is that on my way in, I ran into Amanda at Metrolink (or rather she stalked me to the Metrolink, which was lovely). Plus I'm leaving early anyway, so the day can't be all bad, right?

Thank you to those people that responded yesterday to tell me how they were doing! It's hard to keep up with people, so by you reading, and commenting, I got to see that everyone is surviving. Lots of ups and downs these days, the only thing we can do is keep our chins up! [Thanks to Becky J., Holly, Nicole, Mike P., Kelly, Amanda, Jen S.]

Since I'm not feeling well, I'm done writing for the day.

roll deep: Going somewhere with a large amount of people. Also "roll thick".
In Use: We rollin' twenty deep in da club.

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