A-List Party

Yesterday was the A-List Party!

I have mentioned it before that the HOK Blog made the A-List in the St. Louis Magazine for best company blog. We rock, of course we'd make the A-List. Anyway, I got to go to the party and it was interesting! As soon as John, Jeannette, and I walked up to the roped off street party, we thought, "There is no way Justin would go in there". I later confirmed with him, that would have been the likely result!

I hitched a lift from John Gilmore who was also taking Jeannette to the party. We didn't want to stay at work until party time, so we took off and went to Llywellen's for some pre-party drinks! I went with a Tennant's and snacked on some chips and rarebit. We then walked on over to Maryland Plaza in the fabulous Central West End.

There was a red carpet that led into the party. Inside the roped off street party, tables were set up for A-Listers wares (restaurants, etc.). I sampled here and there, but didn't check with enough to have any sort of review on that! It was all free for the sampling though, so I did take advantage of some adult beverages. There were a handful of other HOKer's at the party enjoying the samples and company. Time passed quickly for the party that started up well before the 7:30 pm ticket time! Towards the evening, our group meandered upstairs to the bar Mandarin where we stood on the rooftop to look down on the party below. I had a refreshing but sweet martini (with a cucumber in it) and a lovely gin and tonic!

It was about quarter after ten when I took out of the party to catch a train home to the East Side. Along my journey I heard, "Stephanie Spann, how are you?"; it took me no time at all to recognize Seth Teel's voice, as it's one of a kind. He was hanging out at the Majestic enjoying his own adult beverages with friends (and tossing around a spiderman beach ball, hmm...).

Anyway, despite the fact that I didn't dress in any shabby-chic wardrobe with fabulous-too-tall-for-me-stilettos and carried my messenger bag with me in a sort of unclassy manner; it was a great party. I didn't fit in, but I was proud to not fit in also. No need to match the masses! I was asked what I did wear. The answer: a simple black dress (knee length, boat neck, pocketed front, loose fitting, belted at middle, cotton) with my pink and gray loafers! Yes, loafers and dress. It's me. Did you expect anything else?

[This was updated at a later date and time!]

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