My Heart Is With You Ruben

Have you ever met someone that you know deserves everything wonderful the world could provide? The best smells you can think of, the best flavors imaginable, the best feelings you could encompass yourself with ... these things should belong to Ruben Aya-Welland and his beloved wife Kara (http://kayawelland.wordpress.com).

On July 13, 2009 at 10:30pm, Kara passed away.
Her heroic six year battle against a very rare cancer has come to an end. She was 36 years old. And we just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. -Ruben

If you pray, then pray for them, and if you don't, please just think of them. Good people always deserve so much more than they are given to work with, and yet they make the best of life in ways most of us may never understand.

My heart and thoughts are with you Ruben. The pain may never go away, but it gets easier. Know that you always have a friend in St. Louis!

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