Sorry So Bland...

A long weekend down but much more to come within the next two weeks!

I'll try to quickly recap so not to bore you with details you may or may not already know.

Friday the Third I had the day off work, where I was able to get some stuff done for a variety of things. I can barely even recall what I did on the Third, but I did invite an acquaintance to meet me on my adventures next week, but then had to recant my offer. That's a story for another day. I also went to breakfast with friends and had this whole awkward ordeal paying for my meal (the things honesty will get you); but that's also a story for another time.

Saturday the Fourth, some plans got canceled and some impromptu plans came into play. I went over to Kelly S.'s house for a small get together where I got to meet the other Stephanie (Ironstef) and others. Kelly made Crack Corn (popcorn with truffle salt that was like crack, so addictive you had to keep diving the hand into the bowl for more, we looked like vultures) and a really good carrot dip that almost tasted like a bean dip. Oh and I bought some beer from the Ska Brewing Company to take with me, and it was awesomeness in a bottle! Following that brief adventure, I went to Jen's over in St. Chuck for fireworks (viewable from the parking lot adjacent to her house). It was sticky, wet, muddy, smelly, and fun. We couldn't really see the fireworks too well (weather and all), and we got soaked (so I rode home in my under clothes). But it was great to see my friends, and to hear Tim and the anarchist jam together on the guitar and banjo! That was very cool! I even had a dream about it that night, watching them play together. They were doing tricks with the instruments while still playing!

Sunday the Fifth was a big let down for me and others. Well not a total let down I suppose, Chris removed the existing window from the master bath and replaced it with the extremely nice window we purchased, what seems like eons ago. I, however, worked on getting some much needed things done. I did manage to finish ALL the laundry that had piled up, I was able to at least book the remainder of my flights for my trip next week, I got some much needed shopping done, and I worked some on the invitations that have an end of July deadline for me (and really not a lot of time to do them). I still however have a list of things to be done. No matter how much I could do, it didn't seem I could get anything marked off the list. What I find most disappointing is that I had three different sets of invitations to something on Sunday. I had to decline all three. I at least heralded myself on the fact that if I said no to one, I said no to them all; which is exactly what I needed to do. I guess I feel most bothered by my sister's party for her 18 year old son. 18 years old is a big age, legally speaking that is. It was even a surprise party, luau themed. I just couldn't get it in there with ever thing else.

So now here we are, Monday the Sixth, things moving along smoothly so far. I can think of many things to talk about, like Amanda with Buddy Holly glasses; Clint and the Austin police; my itinerary for next week; my desire to be a complete vegetarian; my appointment with a personal trainer (only 3 sessions, not like a real PT); my annoyance with people I know that have either really ticked me off or have hurt my feelings in some way recently; my annoyance with iPods and Zunes; my complete and total lack of proper social skills (which I seem to lack and am sometimes told that I lack); and well, really I could go on for a while. I will return later to try and make some clarifications to a few things!

I won't go on now though, as I have a meeting at 9 am. So alas, I leave you be with the words of the weekend and today...

roffle: To roll on the floor laughing. From the Internet chat acronym, ROFL (roll on floor laughing).

BOBFOC: Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch. A person who possesses a killer body but has a face that only a mother could love.

put in print: To kill. To put someone in the obituaries.

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